By Annieone

Big As Saucers....!!!

This Clematis is growing through a Hydrangea bush and hasn’t done very well at all..but this year it’s flowering much earlier and seems like the blossoms will be huge..!
I love it’s color and can’t remember it’s name...!!
The supports it was growing on fell down...I thought it was ‘finished’....but it just did its own thing...and appeared again..
Clematis are such ‘contrary’ plants...although always beautiful when they flower...
I’ll enter it for FF...thank you Anni for always hosting the beautiful flowers on Friday’s....!!
So seems it’s the weekend again...each one comes round faster every week...hope you all have a lovely one whatever you might do...
Our ‘lodgers’ has gone West for the weekend...some birthday parties happening and some house viewing and searching to be done too..!!
So it’ll be quiet here ..and not really sure what the weekend is going to throw at us weatherwise...!!
Take care...peace, love & light to all..
Annie & Mel..x

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