The first to open.

Today was devoted to the garden once I managed to get off the sofa and stop doing puzzles.  Began digging up Spanish bluebells and tackled the worst bit first where they had grown close to Hellebores  Managed to remove them without doing too much damage to anything else and got rid of old shrub roots in the process.  Gave everything a good water afterwards and a bit of a feed to cheer them up.  Then I dug out a couple of clumps which were much easier so I've made a start. I've tried hard to get them all but there are bound to be a few I've missed.  Went off to the joiners and got lost again but found him in the end.  A very nice man. He and his son run the business together and their sheds look lovely although too big for me.  However he showed me a log store which is the right size so he will build a shed similar to it. We talked through all the details  and he's going to phone me next week with a price.  Filled up with petrol while I was out then came home where I fiddled around with all the information screens and discovered one that tells me how many miles to the gallon I've done since I last filled up.  Must pay attention.  Did some more weeding at the front. Lots of little rose seedlings and some creeping buttercup which I hadn't noticed.  It had snuck in next to the geraniums as it's leaves are fairly similar.  Gave the arbour a miss and had tea and toast on the sofa as I'd had enough garden for the day.  However I went out again when I realised I hadn't a blip and found an allium floret had decided to get ahead of the crowd and steal the limelight.  How lucky was that.

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