By JeanSnaps

A different sort of rowan.

I bought this coppiced rowan many years ago and it sat in the garden for most of those years not growing much, not blossoming and not producing berries.  Last year when I remodelled the front garden it relented  and produced one spray of blossom and berries.  I was expecting it to be a perfectly ordinary rowan tree but I was wrong.  It was a different variety with different blossom and differently coloured berries.  Now I really like the red berries of the normal rowan and the berries on this one are pink gradually turning to white.  But I've waited a long time, the blossom is lovely, there are three to four sprays this year so it's here to stay.  What are going are the Spanish bluebells.  Some more were dug up today and I've cleared up round other clumps ready to dig them up tomorrow.  It's been fairly cloudy and a brisk breeze has kept it cool.  My knees were threatening to take a huff from the gardening which meant that not much else got done.  I changed the bed, did the laundry and deleted yet more photos but mostly lay on the sofa reading as usual. Not that that's exactly a hardship.

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