Capital adventures

By marchmont


The end of another week and I am exhausted.  Swam and then had an Apex meeting before taking J down to the house.  We went via Cameron Toll so she could get a SIM. I then headed to Fort Kinnaird to exchange the T-shirts I bought in Morpeth and try to find an M&S sandwich - a very limited selection.

Went in past the Manor to put back the furniture etc and drop off the new lingerie and then home for a wee rest before off to the Fruitmarket Gallery for the Arts and Design Graduate Diploma Show (also on Saturday and Sunday).  I was distinctly underdressed compared to some of these Creatives. 

Had a good look round and spoke to students and staff.  It was very hot though, so after 2 glasses of fizz I climbed the hill to the bus. 

Couldn't be bothered cooking so more sandwiches, the gardening programmes and HIGNFY.  Strapped up my foot.  Very difficult as a one person exercise!

I was going to title this 'It's over' (virtually no masks anywhere, loads of tourists, and rock bagpipes on Waverley Bridge and a real feeling of being back to pre 2020 normality) but then I got home to read that the FM was +ve. So maybe 'almost over'. 

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