By Ingeborg

Egg and soldiers

Just a tiny bit silly: I'm on a very strict diet for two weeks now to try one more time to eat healthier and lose some of the rather huge amount of extra kilos I have gained over the past ten years. The diet seems to work so far, but it will mean months of following this. It means eating loads of vegetables and almost no carbs and definitely no bread ! The recipes are quite tasty but they do mean spending a lot of time in the kitchen, both prepping and cleaning up afterwards, I think that's part of keeping you too occupied to think about cheating on the diet :-) This morning I was supposed to prepare and eat a pancake made from one egg and some cottage cheese with a couple of blueberries and chopped pecan nuts for breakfast. But I also needed to make a shot for the weekly alphabet challenge group at Flickr with the subject 'T for Toast(y)' and somehow I had thought about eggs and soldiers. So I composed this and then got so hungry that I ate it (and the other soft-boiled egg) ! Oh dear ! ;-)
Because it is always Silly Saturday ...

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Love-in-a-mist flower

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