By Ingeborg

Bee beetle

Can't remember ever having seen this kind of beetle before, according to the ID app it's a French flower chafer or Bee Beetle (because it looks like a bee, I was indeed first thinking that I had seen a bee on the flowers) ! Here it's enjoying the rowan shrub flowers.

Thanks very much for all the Abstract Thursday entries from last Thursday and an extra thanks to those who tried to insert a little mystery :-) This coming Thursday the optional theme is : 'abstract landscape' and the tag will be AT361. For tips on abstract landscape see for example here but remember that you don't need to go outside and can also make your own abstract landscapes with the help of props like scarves or by getting very close to parts of your garden or plants or any kind of household item.

Here's the list of 5 special mystery shots :
rmeinz                      mystery on wood
GEO2B                      hose mystery
Mole                         curves and waves
davidc                      dance of the flies  
pixelpixie                  rotation mystery

Thanks very much for all your creative entries !

And thank you for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's egg and soldiers :-)

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