Our next door neighbour, Mike's father, died a couple of weeks ago and today was his funeral service. This was held at West Wiltshire Crematorium but prior to attending that, we decided to visit The Nursery, a small garden centre at Hilperton and what an amazing place it was.

The first flowers we saw when we arrived at The Nursery were some bearded Irises, and I happened to comment to Mr. HCB that as they had featured on last week’s Gardeners’ World, no doubt everyone would be looking for them. A lady who was actually looking at one, smiled as I said this and we soon got into conversation - I doubt you are surprised!  She said that many years ago, she had her own nursery, so she told me the names of a couple of clematis and several other plants that she was particularly fond of.  Sadly they didn't have either in this Nursery, but I'm sure we will go there again.

However, my Blip today was taken on our way;  we came through Avebury and just outside the village is Silbury Hill, the largest artificial mound in Europe, and as the sky and clouds were so beautiful, I asked Mr. HCB if he would stop so that I could take a photograph, which he kindly did, so this is my shot for today.  If you are interested in Silbury Hill, you can find more information here.  I have put a collage in as an extra to show you some shots of Avebury, Devizes and the wonderful sky.  

The service went well and but sadly two hours in the car hasn't done my neck any good, so I think I may be going to bed very soon, as I am in a lot of pain.  I think I may need to ring the doctor soon to see if I can get an appointment because it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Again, I am grateful for all the comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's Blip and apologise for the lack of comments from me at the moment, but hopefully this won't be for too much longer.

“Clouds make a painting
out of the sky.”
Marty Rubin

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