By ArcLight

Sedum purpureum

I'm pretty fond of sedums and they do grow nicely on the balcony, so I'm glad we have a few of them now. This is the first time that this yellow one has flowered, and I like the symmetry and "starry" nature of these flowers.

I'd hoped to do a workout this morning, before heading off to an "away day" (where we didn't really go away - just to a different part of campus for the day, actually a room I'm very familiar with having chaired a vast number of meetings and panels there over the years....), but I found I had too much to do first thing.

The away day went well - good conversations and some team building - and then I walked home again and did the later shift in my chair. Trying to catch up, or stay ahead of the swamping wave... Mainly succeeding.

At my request, Mr A took my camera over to Wex this morning to get the sensor cleaned (I had a half price offer). The extra of the sky over the castle proved to me that the problem which I had seen there, which the person who cleaned it said they couldn't see, has now gone. Good. Definitely worth it, especially since I had only just realised I could have my sensor cleaned literally just across the road.

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