My Restless Lens

By terri365

28 May 2022 - Old Rusty

This snail has been inside my old oil drum for a few days now and hasn't moved.  I'm hoping it's just resting...  Hoping it hasn't been poisoned by the rust...

Busy day!  Early dog walk as I was meeting a friend at 10am for a walk and lunch.  We normally take the dog but the walk was long and I wasn't sure if he was up for it so chose to leave him at home.  Home about 2pm and then started on the grass.  Then decided to dig out the flower bed which was not recognisable as a flower bed because the grass and weeds had taken over!  

I don't like using weedkiller but after last year's lack of gardening they are rife!  If it works quickly and works well I may use it on the remaining veggie patch which is also very overgrown...  

Now over to a friends for more wine!  It's been a great day!  Have a good Saturday folks!

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