Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Willow flea-beetle

After an unsuccessful and quite frankly ridiculously busy time at the garden centre, I gave up my search for a fern until a quieter time. Why I thought going on a Sunday was a good idea, I'll never know! 
Back at home after lunch we sat down to watch the GP and after a few spots of rain delayed the start, I headed out into the garden for a bug safari and tried to find something to blip. 
There were lots of bees around on the hardy geraniums, foxgloves and chives, but this teeny tiny little coloured beetle caught my eye on a leaf under the willow.  Predictably, it turned out to be a willow flea-beetle - only about 3mm long and looking nicely shiny and metallic in the brief spell of sunshine that had appeared.  Not something that I've seen before and certainly never photographed. 

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