Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Angle Shades Moth #2

Went out to open the greenhouse door this morning and look who was waiting for me on one of the sunflowers. It's an Angle Shades moth. They are quite common apparently and I think I blipped one last year for the first time.

Took my Mum to the Trafford Centre this morning as she wanted some new summer clothes. As you probably know, we both hate shopping and we even more miffed than usual as Monsoon has closed down and is normally the first shop that we go to. However, she did quite well buying 4 tops and some underwear in just under 2 hours, after which we had a quick lunch before returning home. 
There are two good things about Trafford that gave it the edge over Liverpool One this morning. 1. It is all under cover and it was raining. 2. it's FREE parking :) 

Thank goodness that's over for another few months! 

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