By soozaday

A Happy Ending

Once upon a time, a little boy had a SuperHero lunchbox, and oh how he loved this treasure. He was a boy who wore masks and capes and performed heroic deeds, and the lunchbox was very special. His mother wrote his name inside with black Magic Marker in big capital letters so he would always be able to find it. And there were many lunches. And the years passed by until neither the boy nor his mother thought about the lunchbox any more. 

Then one day the boy, who was now a very grown man, got a message on Facebook from a complete stranger--there were pictures of the beloved lunchbox, and there was his name in black Magic Marker. "Is this yours?" asked the stranger. A friend of hers found it at a garage sale in a  neighboring city, and, on a lark, she found the boy on social media. They agreed to meet, and she reunited him with the lunchbox he had loved over forty years ago. The little boy is my son. He occasionally still wears a cape and performs heroic deeds. 

And how amazing is that story?!! I wish that lunchbox could talk. How did it end up in San Jose? why did that person buy it? whatever moved her to look him up on Facebook?  And how wonderful to hear about kind adventurous people!

The Extra is him at 7 years old in his Batman costume. Spiderman came to the local 7/Eleven and of course we went over to meet him.

The note in the lunchbox isn't vintage. The person who returned the lunch box had packed it with snacks and a message...

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