A time for everything

By turnx3

Glen Helen Nature Preserve

I enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day today. We went to church this morning, then took a picnic out to John Bryan State Park up near Xenia. We have walked there several times before, so today for a change we went walking at nearby Glen Helen Nature Preserve. This is the legacy of Hugh Taylor Birch, who, in 1929, donated the wooded glen to Antioch College in memory of his daughter Helen. I had read that it is a great place for wildflowers in the Spring and I certainly wasnt disappointed, but it also has a Raptor Center, which cares for injured and handicapped birds of prey - sometimes up tp a couple of hundred a year. Many are able to be released, but some would be unable to survive in the wild and so remain there. I didn't get chance to read the details about this one - the kids were thinking I'd spent enough time taking photographs and that it was time to move on!
Back home we had a lovely dinner of steak cooked on the grill, followed by one of Jen's delicious desserts.

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