Plants and more plants!

Rather a change in the weather today - wet overnight and still raining lightly this morning. I stayed in for a while trying to catch up on my diary, quite a tricky job as I'm trying to deal with 2007 when we went to the USA! I couldn't do it without all the pictures I took!

After lunch I went outside for some more weeding on the bank, taking out a few more native ferns too. It's difficult to do this without losing soil which I don't want to do as there's bare rock beneath! Spent a while chatting to a neighbour, mostly about plants, so that was OK!

Realised that I didn't have a Blip, so today's is a small viola in one of the pots outside the front door. It was the only one of this colour - all the rest are white or blue.

My extra today is of one of my less common ferns; this is Coniogramma japonica,  the so-called Japanese bamboo fern. Seems hardy here - I must find a place to plant it out!

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