Wow ............

 ............... what a view - and it's from my room at tonight's hotel - worth the extra dollars I paid (and it wasn't a huge amount more).
This is Lake Shuswap ........... I said I would list all the overnights today.

Night 1- Seattle WA
Night 2 - Spokane Valley WA
NIght 3 - Medicine Hat Alberta
Night 4 - Canmore Alberta
Tonight - Salmon Arm British Columbia
Tomorrow - you guess!!!!

Collages in the extras:

#1 - Emerald Lake/ Revelstoke/Natural Bridge

#2 - Three waterbirds on Lake Shuswap and a duck on Emerald Lake (you can see, by the water, why it has that name).

#3 - BEAR!!!!  Whoop whoop - a wild bear!!!  Not the best photos but taken through the car windscreen - I wasn't getting out, he was very close.   He was going to be my main photo until I saw "my" view.

#4 - More birds at Lake Shuswap ...... the 'baby' bird in the middle had no fear of me - I had to step back to get him/her in focus.

This half of my trip is coming to a close - a flight on Tuesday and it starts again somewhere else.

Thanks for all your comments and stars - they are much appreciated.

Smile for the Day:

A couple of outdoorsmen were on a lake, in their kayak, when they started getting cold but, when they lit a fire in their craft, it immediately began to sink, proving once and for all that... can’t have your kayak and heat it too.


~ Anni ~

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