By dfb24


This was quite the weekend for my granddaughters, as the "older" (by a matter of minutes) of the twins won her tennis tournament in her age group this past Saturday. My step-daughter sent the photo to me today, so I didn't take this, but I had nothing else to post. I'm so happy for my granddaughter as she's worked really hard to improve this year. I spent the early morning working on the yard, and by 11 it was WAY too hot for me so I went inside the house and made rhubarb jelly. By mid afternoon we'd hit 90 degrees; thank goodness for air conditioning. The rest of the week we've got predictions for the high 80's. Yuck. My older brother & sister-in-law will be home tomorrow from their two weeks in England, (they said they've had a fantastic time)  and also tomorrow I'm having my monthly lunch with Tom's older sister, which I'm looking forward to.  :)

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