Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Terns, Godwit, Chough, Plover #68-72


Another glorious and very successful birding day in Anglesey.  We started with a couple of hours at Cemlyn Bay to see the remaining species of terns that we’d not seen this year - Sandwich and Arctic. Along with lots of Common Terns and black headed gulls, the site was teaming with birds, all flying in and out feeding their chicks. Apparently there are over 2000 breeding pairs this year which is quite good. They will ring around 100 chicks next week. Along with all the terns there were plenty of other birds to be seen - this nice ringed plover gave lovely views from the beach and the single bar-tailed godwit sat all alone on the rocks. 

After a great fish and chip lunch at The White Eagle at Roscolyn, we headed up to South Stack in search of Choughs.  After being at Bempton Cliffs recently, the sea birds and the distance from them wasn’t that impressive to us, and the distinct lack of puffins was a disappointment. Still, we were hopeful that we would see some Choughs at this is a stronghold for them. After an hour we saw a pair quite high overhead which was nice, but with no shot, I still wanted more. 
The volunteer in the visitor centre had mentioned a horse field down the hill that was sometimes quite good so while hubby went across the road in search of Roman hut circles(which were apparently really interesting), I went down the hill in the blazing heat to look for the birds. 
Luck was in and I immediately saw a pair of black birds in said field, but they turned out to be jackdaws :( 
However, within less than 5 minutes, another pair of birds arrived, this time the lovely Choughs - I was happy. By the time I left 30 minutes later, there were 12 Choughs and 6 jackdaws in that field, so now we know where to look first next time :) 

A thoroughly enjoyable day but we were both shattered by the time we got home and I had a LOT of shots to sift through so left my blip until the morning. 
We are going home tomorrow, Thursday, so I will hopefully catch up with the rest of your journals by the weekend if not before. 

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