By AnneILM60


I was awake early this morning as I usually am but after laying awake for a while and reading my book, I zonked out!

Last night after going to bed, Kent and I were woken up about two hours later by this loud racket. We got up and walked about but couldn’t determine what caused the racket.

This morning as I did my morning walk about the outside of the house, checking my gardens, I found the cause of the racket. (See extra) I’m sure if we still had our old windows, that window would be broken.

Had my Friday lunch with Birgit and her mum, Maria. I had brought my computer and after we had eaten I plugged it into her TV and set it up so we could begin watching Dickensian. I knew it was a show she would enjoy.

As soon as I got home it was time to head over to Jim’s to let Troy out, and then fed him. I decided that after talking about Troy all week, it was time to introduce him! He is one handsome looking dude ;-)

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