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Sunny Sunday

Yay! We've just had what might well pass for a summer's day! The sky is still totally clear at 11.30pm and my face feels pink after an afternoon of gardening. It won't last ...

But it has been a very content-making kind of day. We had a lovely - if quite sparsely attended - eucharist this morning, with our rector brown from his holidays and us full of stories about our week: it was an hour after the service ended that we left the carpark outside where a group of us had been blethering/shrieking at each other. And for the first time since our new patio was created we had our friend Di back for our customary coffee together and were able to sit in comfort in the sunshine and enjoy the flowers featured in yesterday's blip.

We had lunch there too - breaking into the superb hamper from Valvona & Crolla that was a Father's day present from a son and scoffing ham (not Prosciutto - another one whose name eludes me) and a mild and fruity-tasting pecorino cheese with ciabatta. Later we gardened - Himself cut the grass and I cut back some of the plants that have begun their annual invasion of the path. We chatted through the hedge to our neighbour and finished off the afternoon with a G&T in the sunshine before I went in to cook the dinner.

That's where this blip comes from - I shot the photo into the direction of the descending sun and ended up with this rather wonderful little rainbow between Himself and the table. It sort of sums up how I feel about this very ordinary day transformed by the sunshine and just the kind of warmth that is enjoyable rather than oppressive. Let's hope we have some more of the same.

I hope to get back to reading journals very soon - but tomorrow I have an early appointment: no perusing them in bed over a cuppa for me tomorrow!

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