Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Laundry Cottage

The cottage where I'm staying is the right hand building with blue paintwork, blipped mid-morning before JC came to visit for the day. 

After lunch we drove up the Ettrick valley to the Ettrick Marshes, said to be one of the best examples of floodplain forests in the UK, with a unique mosaic of floodplain woodland, meadow and wetland habitats, allowing a rich variety of wildlife to flourish and remnants of ancient forest still to be seen. 

The land was bought by the Ettrick and Yarrow Community Development Company in May 2021 and work was carried out to restore the four-mile circular nature trail through and around the marshes. 

I hope in the future that they will be able to provide more interpretation as I'm sure we didn't understand all that we were seeing. All in all it was a great trip with the countryside still having its fresh green appearance and looking lovely in the sunshine.

I've got a few extras: a weird couple of figures hanging from a tree in the marshes, a bit of (possibly ancient) woodland and another of the view from my cottage, with cirrus clouds now rather than cumulus.

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