By spannarama

I gardened :)

Had a pretty relaxed day today.  We were thinking of going for a walk or a drive somewhere, as it was my last full day at Mum's, but we were both pretty tired and Mum suggested we just stay home, which suited me fine.  I sat out in the garden for a while, doing my online CBT course - it was so, so relaxing out there, I could barely remember ever having needed CBT ;)  Mum came out to join me just as I finished, and we started looking at a few things that needed doing in the garden.  A couple of hours later, I'd wired up and dead-headed the roses, sawn off a couple of dead branches from the fatsia, pulled up some errant bamboo and lots of weeds, and cut back a rambling jasmine and lots of brambles.  All so satisfying!  Once again, can't wait to have my own garden!

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