A woodpecker kinda day

A slow start to the day.

I woke at my usual time and said goodbye to Kent as he headed off to work, but I feel asleep again and slept hard until 9 am!

I was texting with both my Mum and my sister for a while as I was organizing myself and doing small tasks.

It was a little cooler today so I decided to sit outside so a bit with my fan, my audiobook and my camera.

Jim’s mum & dad were down for a visit today and while Jim & his dad were off doing their thing, his mum & I visited for a bit.

Today a couple of large limbs feel from one of the trees on the property line in the front yard. When Kent got home he dragged two to the burn pile, but the last one required getting out the chainsaw.

What was so puzzling is that there doesn’t appear to be any visible reason why these limbs came down. We’ve had no strong winds or storms of late. Same with that limb that came down last week and hit the bedroom window. Strange.

I didn’t get much bead weaving done tonight as phone calls etc distracted me.

When I was out with my camera, the Red Bellied Woodpeckers were regular visitors to the suet feeder
I spotted the juvenile ln the tree where the parents kept returning to.

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