There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Not Only the Hair Club President, Also a Client!

T. Tiger and I went walking in the Barrens, and we found a marvelous piece of moss lying along the trail. T. Tiger would not rest until he had turned it into a fuzzy green toupee! "I'm not only the Hair Club president but I'm also a client." Here is a song for our hirsute Tiger:  Hair, from the musical Hair.

Now, I find I have some stories to tell. So that I don't forget them, I'm going to put them right here. Let's just call this Bits and Pieces (B&P).

---------first: the latest insults-----------
Life is strange.
1. On Monday afternoon, I was doing some mending. Head bent down, concentrating. I stood up and went to walk out the door of the room I was in, and walked right into the doorjamb. Smacked my right front forehead on it. OW! It didn't bleed or bruise but it HURT and got SORE.
2. On Tuesday morning, I got a mosquito bite while in the Barrens. Guess where it got me: on the right front forehead! Every time I scratched my itchy mosquito bite, my head hurt!
3. On Tuesday evening, I cut my finger on a Campbell's soup can lid while washing dishes (tomato soup, and yeah, it was SO GOOD - I put parmesan cheese on top). Which finger did it cut? My right pointing finger. Guess what, it bled off and on all evening.
Every time I scratched my mosquito bite, my head hurt and my finger bled. I bet I looked like something out of the Walking Dead!
4. On Wednesday morning, the cut finger kept coming open and bleeding so I put a Godzilla band-aid on it. It's my pointing finger. Now it's hard to take pictures because it feels funny (yes, that's the finger I put on the button for the shutter!). And my Mac doesn't recognize me when I try to do that "fingerprint sign-in" *head-desk*
That's my week so far. How's yours?

------second: Rock on, feisty Mama!--------
"I'm 91, and I'll eat what I want!"
~My sweet mama, Norma Colyer,
while eating cheez puffs and ice cream for supper!
(A quote shared with me by my husband from last week's visit home. Yes, he gave her a lecture. No, she didn't care! Rock on, feisty Mama!)

------third: baby catbird rescue-------
My husband and I were getting ready to go to town. We got in the car and pulled to the edge of the driveway. As we sat there for a moment, I saw a little bird sitting on the road.
"It'll move. They always do," he said. "Not if it's a baby bird," I said. And I hopped out of the car to rescue it from the road.
I ran to the bird, which turned out to be a baby catbird, and grabbed it quickly but gently in my two hands. I felt its heartbeat against my flesh. It immediately commenced to squawking as loudly as possible and flapping its wings, trying to get away from me. I lifted it off the road and gently helped it into a shady area among the trees.
Less than a minute later, a huge truck came up the road. That's how close that little bird came to dying right in front of us.
I presume I am now a godparent to a baby catbird!

------fourth: deer, painted with light------
There are white-tailed deer who like to hang out under our deck on the hot days. Sometimes one. Sometimes two. I guess it's cooler there.
On Tuesday evening, around dusk, I went out to take down the hummingbird feeder in the meadow and take it indoors to clean and refill it.
As I walked by the deck, I noticed the one deer was there. It was somewhere between an adolescent and an adult. The deer was still curled up, lying on the ground, looking right at me, and the last shaft of light shone in, under the deck, and lit up its face and the front of its body, as though it had been PAINTED WITH LIGHT.
Of course, I tried not to disturb the deer. I also wanted a photo! So when I brought the clean, full feeder out a few minutes later, I brought my camera along out too. Alas, the shaft of light had gone by then and the deer was standing up, getting ready to vamoose for the day.
So I didn't get the shot, but I will never forget how beautiful it was, that deer, taking shelter under our deck, painted with the last of the day's golden light.

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