By CleanSteve

Bus JHT 827 parked at Bus Festival

We caught the old bus shuttle service from our side of town to the Vintage Bus Festival site at the local college. The bus was full and worryingly there few masks being worn. As had happened in former years of this festival we hoped to ride on one of the vintage buses along their old routes up the local valleys. But when we checked there were only a three routes being offered and the buses being used were the more recent variety.

We headed up the slope to where some of the older vehicles were standing and I managed to climb on board one of the old double deckers. I like the single deckers and this one I've blipped was one of two with signs indicating the original local services. It was built and operated by the Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company, and began its service in 1946.

The rain was intermittent and we didn't stay too long. I think I prefer steam train enthusiasts.

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