The Way I See Things


Mindful moment

Having spent the morning researching mirrorless cameras (but reaching no firm conclusion), and the early part of the afternoon on essential domestic tedium, I didn't get much time in the garden with the camera today. When I did make it outside I was pleased to find that the weather was warmer and more settled than of late, and I hope this might bode well for the rest of the month, because it's been a patchy summer so far.

I've posted similar images to this before, but I make no apology for this one, because Helophilus pendulus are strikingly handsome hoverflies, I think, and also - well, I always enjoy a bit of bug porn, as you know. We all have our little quirks.

One of the things I like about H. pendulus is how seriously they appear to take these encounters, though I know from past experience that this seemingly deep concentration won't necessarily hold if you get too close and annoy them, and that they can fly away while still in cop if they both choose to do so. Luckily today I managed to stretch across a corner of the wildlife pond, move a clump of sedge to give me this sight line, and take my shots one-handed while holding back the obscuring leaves with the other, without disturbing the hoverflies' Zen-like calm. I then went off to the far end of the wild garden to look for other subjects, and when I came back ten minutes later they were still in exactly the same position and attitude.

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