By LincolnWarrior

Fields of Dreams

No real dreams but a steady morning which included me going and getting a new Satnav as the old one had crashed on me when I tried to do a map update this has happened to me twice now with a tom tom so have gone for a  Garmin  it does what I need it to without all the large choice of different voices.
After lunch I went and picked Julie up from Metheringham  and on the way back took a detour to search out a blip. A grey afternoon  like most of the day has been including some rain . I pulled over and took this shot looking across the  field of golden crops if the sun was out it would have been a lot nicer shot I'm sure .
Back home and an afternoon watching some sport cricket / rugby league . A film tonight I think and then I will wait till its time to pick Julie up from work around 12.30 

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