Capital adventures

By marchmont

Sleep deprived

Why does this happen?  First it was Brexit votes and then the early days of Covid - major UK political events that happen in the middle of the night here.  I woke, after a couple of hours sleep about 1 a.m. and was checking my phone and then bang, two resignations appeared. That meant a couple of hours following the comment and speculation and another morning of not getting up till after 9. Oh for the 7.30 swims!

Amelia was home today.  She still has a cough and, depending on who you believe, a very slight temperature.  She did a test, -ve of course. Tests here are not free and come in single packs, with a lot of packaging.  This one was an under the tongue swab and I've seen others that are a spit test.  None of the down the throat, up the nose like home.  #1 son seems to have caught whatever it is too.  He also did a test (-ve) courtesy of NHS. Amelia and I played chess and then later some reading and an attempt to do phonics practice.

It was cloudy and overcast all day.  There still has been no rain.  However, the cloud meant it was cooler, 28 deg, but much more humid, 88%.  It really drains you.  I tried to keep up with the UK news, a bit of 'Today' and later a bit of PMQ's and not live Sky News updates.  After a lull there was an avalanche of resignations.  He won't go of course unless he's pushed.  The arrogance and lack of self awareness of the man. 

In the afternoon Amelia and I went for a walk round the policies. The hot and cold pools in the Spa Garden are repaired and back in use and the new children's play equipment is installed but still a lot of work to do before it's open.  It tried to rain, and failed.

#1 son retired ill after dinner and #1 d in l retired exhausted until she had to go and lie down beside  demanding Amelia.  I read a bit on the balcony with my beer and then inside.  It is very oppressive.  A shower before bed methinks and then a catch up on the latest UK news. 

I have no idea what the flower in the Spa Garden is but it looks pretty. The gardener had been watering, hence the wet leaves. 

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