The second half of life..

By twigs

The garden gate

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their visits and comments after yesterday's birthday blip.  I'm not great at commenting myself and it means a lot to me that you have taken the time to pop in and comment.  Thank you :D 

Woke this morning to [relatively] mild temps but it was nice to be able to switch the heater on and get instant heat.  It was also nice (understatement!) to be able to turn the ignition key and have the van start first time.  Whew!  As the roads are pretty clear now and the temps mean limited chance of ice I took the opportunity to have a wee drive round the area.  I've driven past this gate a couple of times and admired it - today it looked even more fairy-tale-ish.  I love the pile of firewood chopped and waiting to keep the three bears residents warm.  And then, just along the road, this** group of merinos enjoying a rather sparse looking snack.  Being a wearer of a great deal of merino wool, I quietly thanked them for doing the hard yards so that people like me can enjoy the warmth of their fleece. 

Drove out to Lake Pukaki for a looksee.  Usually you can see right along the lake and if you're lucky, as far as Mt Cook at the far end.  Today I could barely see past the first headland about 5kms away.  On the return another **sparse winter tree begged to be snapped and then finally, back almost on Twizel home turf the **rows of pylons that carry hydro-electric power generated by the Waitaki scheme that operates throughout this area spoke to me too.  Whew! 

Settling in tonight for what I hoped would be a great game of rugby - the second test between the All Black's v Ireland.  The first half has been well well below par......... :(

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