The second half of life..

By twigs

Getting the once over

I succumbed today and bought a little garden cart, essentially to make getting firewood from the shed to the house a wee bit easier.  It's no great distance but I've noted progressively over the past wee while that my strength is fading.  Whereas in the past I'd load up as much as I could carry and bring it to the house, the pile I can manage now is significantly less.  A small carry-sack I bought earlier in the year is great but not so easy to carry with a reasonable volume of wood.  I'd been thinking about one of these for a while and today I gave in.....

Spent the afternoon putting it together watched by Minnie who then had to give it the once-over after I'd loaded it with a test load of wood.  I think she approves..........or at least, is accepting of the new contraption.  It will of course double as a garden cart too.........and looking at the garden this afternoon, the winter clean up can't start early enough!

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