Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The weather today was great - a perfect summers day.  Really warm ( 26C)  and lots of sunshine. Too warm to do anything too strenuous so Ive had a lazy day.

Walked to the Co-op this afternoon through the allotments as usual. My blip shows parts of my route  ..... going to the Co-op on the left and coming home on the right.

Didn't see anyone in the allotments but I did have a chat with Jim my neighbour who was in the back lane.  He was clearing the area outside his garden of weeds and bushes ready forTuesday when some workmen will arrive to take down his old broken fence and put up a new one.  We had a nice catch up.

When I got home I went straight outside and sat on the bench on the patio with a cold drink and an ice cream.  Tino joined me and went on his bed..... see Extra.

Neil messaged this evening to say he had completed the 62 mile Race To The Stones. He started at 6.30am and finished at around 7.30pm. It was really tough due to the weather being very hot.  Apparently the medic at the 45 mile pit stop advised Neil to walk from there as he was struggling so much and had to have a lie down before he could continue.   He said its his toughest event yet. He's exhausted this evening and is going to have a lazy morning tomorrow.  Im so proud that he finished - it would take a lot to make him give up that's for sure. ( Photo of Neil at the finish in my Extras.)

Steps today - 7,116

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