A time for everything

By turnx3

Friday July 1
After breakfast, Roger had an appointment at a storage facility, where we are going to store our camper. It’s the same place we’d used years ago to store our pop-up camper. When we’d first contacted him, he didn’t have a space available, though he said he may have one coming up soon. Roger had looked at others, but they were all further away. Luckily, last week, he messaged to say, one spot had just become available the previous day. So Roger met with him, handed him a check, and received the keys. We had originally thought of doing something outside for the day, such as kayaking, but when I went outside late morning, I felt it was too hot and humid, so we decided to go see a film at the IMAX theater, a five story half domed screen, at the Cincinnati Museum Center. The time we got was mid afternoon, so in the meantime, Roger and I took the camper over to the storage place, then we picked up some lunch from Currito’s. Jason was staying in their room resting, and keeping himself isolated, so it was just Roger, Jen and I who went to see the film Into America’s Wild, seeing some of the most beautiful but little known landscapes of the country, from the wilds of Alaska and the striking coastline of Oregon to the ancient canyons of the Southwest, and the rolling hills of the Appalachian trail. My blip is of the fountain outside the Museum Center, with the Cincinnati skyline in the background - I loved the rainbow in the water, and the beautiful clouds as a backdrop.
Step count: 5,064

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