By AnneILM60


Headed outside first thing and cleaned the seed & suet feeders and then restocked them. As I was doing this, there was a brown headed nuthatch that kept swooping in and getting a mouthful whenever he got the chance. He was not deterred by my presence in the least.

I was doing various chores and quickly found time slipping away. As soon as noon arrived I decided it was time to get on with my bead weaving. I’m trying to just push on with it as I’m nearing the end of the list of folk I have for the stars.

In the afternoon, Joey was over at Jim’s cutting grass and so I ensured he had cold Gatorade to drink and at one point even took him an ice cream sandwich. Joey came over and did the weed eater around our place before he left.

I took care of Troy and MiniMe escorted me home as she always does to be rewarded with a few treats.

Still have some sunflower faces on tall sunflower.

In extras is a first birthday photo of our youngest grandbaby that her mum sent us today.

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