Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Being Green

Although these are one of most common dragonflies in the eastern US, I still find them very appealing and can almost never resist a photo.  And while they are fairly easy to photograph using a long lens, they are another matter all together when using a macro lens.  I felt quite lucky that this one allowed me to get within a foot - close enough to get her grizzled muzzle and wondrous compound eyes.  Usually they are wary and don't let me get this close.  Not to mention that they also like to perch very near the ground, so I was sprawled out in the vegetation trying to get this angle.I am now inspired to try to get a similar close up of a male - the males are blue and quite striking.  

I met up with my nature group this morning and we spent several hours traversing meadows and wetlands under an unforgiving sun.  Add to that temps in the 80's and high humidity - well, I only lasted about 2 hours before calling it a day.  Didn't see a lot of birds, but did quite well with dragons, butterflies and other miscellaneous insects.

Jax is at daycare today and I saw a photo they posted of him with his two best buddies, Gidget and Gus.  He will be a pooped pup tonight.  He is always so excited to go to daycare, which makes me glad.  

Best news of the day is that Mom finally tested negative for Covid.  There will still be recovery time for both of them as they work through the fatigue, but at least they are no longer actively infectious. And Number One (and only) daughter is immensely relieved.  

Think I will celebrate with a piece of dark with mint today.


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