An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The eye is the jewel of the body...

Up early today as lots to get done.

David headed off to play golf, Alan headed out with Ashleigh and Lola headed out with R.  Peace perfect peace...until I took Tommy the Roofer and his colleague Anthony their morning cuppa and got caught up in conversation.  Tommy. Can. Talk.  And talk.......

Managed to extrapolate myself and get back to tasks in hand, namely getting on with exercise 2 of my drawing course.   Just getting into it when a friend dropped by.  Her mum is in hospital having had a knee op and it's been a bit traumatic. Usual lack of communication between doctors, nurses and patients (and lack of pain relief!) and nurses rushed off their feet (well I hope that's the reason buzzers weren't being answered and my friend's mum had to get out of her bed and hobble over to the other side of the ward in agony to stop an 80 year old fellow patient falling out of bed whilst trying to get a drink of water!)

Made us some lunch while she off-loaded all her woes.  Not much I can do but listen and offer a sympathetic shoulder (and bacon sandwiches :-)  I am delighted to say she felt much better by the time she left and was smiling and ready to face the world again.  A problem shared really is a problem halved.

I settled myself back in the study and finally got my teeth into this week's exercise subject - eyes.  

The warm up exercise was really helpful, just simple advice and guidance on choosing the right grade of pencil for the job, and more shading practice.  The first two eyes (top row) were done by watching Phil draw his then following along, the third eye we were left to get on with ourselves from the reference photo.  I was a bit hesitant at first on this eye, worried I would get it wrong, till I reminded myself that I'm allowed to get it wrong.  That's how I will learn!  In  the end it didn't take me too long and I found I enjoyed it just as much.

There was a fourth eye to be attempted but despite resting between each drawing my hand was a bit achey and my laptop battery was about to give up, so it seemed a natural place to stop.

I have until Sunday to do the final eye but I won't stress if I run out of time as it's not compulsory and I can always come back to it in the rest week we get between modules.

Feeling quite chuffed with being so organised with this week's exercises, I've now realised it is Wednesday and I should have done my online Tesco order so must dash and get that done before the looming deadline!  Thankfully since we're off to Skye on Sunday I don't need that much, but Alan and the team will be here so need to make sure they have enough basic provisions!  

Back soon! :-)

"The eye is the jewel of the body"  David Henry Thoreau

PS Look at that scaffolding outside the window!  Can't wait to get rid of it and get the widows cleaned!!

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