An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Can I have a cuddle mum?

I just cannot resist that face!   

Today she was particularly gorgeous as she was brushed within an inch of her life and keen to show off her golden locks and retriever wiggle :-)  She's sitting in that same position now only it's David sitting on the sofa trying to watch The Open on the TV behind her!  She makes a better door than a window!  

Joined part two of Celia Henderson's Bitesize online workshop on Learning to Love your tablet.  I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet in the Amazon sale last November.  Now I've done the workshops I might actually get it out of its box! 

Spent some time this afternoon getting organised for our short visit to Skye next week.  The girls don't have any clue to our plans and I can't wait to see their faces when we arrive.  We're stopping at theirs for dinner on the way to our rented cottage on Sunday.  I wrapped their birthday pressies today and I am sure they will both be blipped wearing part of their gifts :-))

The temperatures here while we are away are forecast to get up to 26 degrees.  Skye has a forecast of low 20s, which is much better for me!  Going the slightly longer but faster route via Inverness but hoping to return via Glencoe and taking the big camera even though my photography mojo is at an all time low.  Hoping the change of scenery may spark some enthusiasm.

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