An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Busy as a bee...

Not really, but I should be!

David was up extra early to get a hair cut and hit some balls at the range before heading to Dullatur to play golf with Kenny, Keith and Jim.  I set my alarm for three different times 15 mins apart and still managed to sleep later than I intended.  Sigh.

Had the house to myself and planned to get all organised for our Skye trip but but went into the studio to get a birthday card to send to my aunt and found myself drawn (excuse the pun :-) to a blank piece of watercolour paper and in the blink of a few hours and eye I had the foundations painted for a whimsical watercolour flower painting.  It is scary how quickly the time passes when I enter that room!

When I emerged I was slightly annoyed at missing such a beautiful day so decided to take the big camera and spend some time in the garden.  I've not really had the chance to enjoy the garden so far this summer because of the scaffolding.  Lots of lovely things in flower at the main patio but not about to sit there at the moment.  Hoping the scaffolding will be gone by the end of month but that may be wishful thinking.  

David returned happy and suntanned from the golf.  He and Kenny won.  An easy dinner of pizza and then I cracked on with all the things I should have done this afternoon.  Actually that's a lie.  I've done nothing but edit photos, snooze and watch a documentary on the Bee Gees.  Oh and I had a Harris gin.  Just the one.  I know, I know, I need to cut down on these raucous Friday nights ;-)))

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