By Yorkshirebred


We had a morning singing session after breakfast, and then breaks for coffee and lunch.  After lunch we were free until 4pm so I set out for a walk. I had a look around the rockery gardens and then climbed the steep set of steps to the seat at the top of the hill which looks out towards Trollers Gill.  There were lovely wild irises up there amongst bright thistles and other wildflowers.  The path back down the valley was narrow and rocky so I wished I had taken my walking shoes, but my trainers gripped well, and I got down in one piece!  Beautiful birdsong all the way and some very tame robins - one had tried to come into the lounge during morning coffee - obviously used to getting crumbs from visitors.  I walked down to the bottom of the gardens and then worked my way back up to the hall looking at all the gorgeous flowers.  Not sure how many gardeners they have but they do a sterling job.  Took masses of photos of the lovely blooms so that I could identify them later - some of my favourites in the collages in extras if you care to look.  More singing until dinner time, and then in the evening.  The songs in Māori and Swahili in 3 and 4 parts are proving to be tongue twisters, but we have been assured that all will fall into place by tomorrow!

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