Tiny seeds

Even hotter today but a lot breezier.

Surprisingly slept well last night!  Spoke to my friend, K popped round and when he left I had coffee and phoned a friend hoping to arrange to see her. Unfortunately her husband is having chemotherapy and radiotherapy so we are leaving it until things are more settled. 
I then went round to K's had lunch and then he had a phone call to see if we wanted to go sailing in the afternoon.  We met at 3 and arrived back at the pontoon about 6, it was wonderful, a nice breeze and saw lots of seals, wished I had my camera.  It was my first time sailing the creeks and I enjoyed it.
Came home had dinner and watered the garden.  Photos were taken in K's garden earlier.  Couldn't choose which one so two extras.
Hope you are all managing to keep reasonably cool.

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