An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The hottest day on record in the UK...

But Skye didn't get the memo!  :-)))

We woke to lovely sunshine and media headlines warning of today being the UK's hottest day EVER and advice on how to stay cool.  It was sunny and a pleasant 20 degrees as David sat outside our little holiday cottage drinking coffee and reading his book.

It was still sunny when we left Staffin at 12.20 and arrived in Portree a short while later.  People sitting outside cafes having lunch, drinking coffee and generally enjoying the sights and atmosphere of this lovely little town.

When we arrived at S & L's they were all in the garden waiting for us.  The plan was to go to Dunvegan Castle gardens (S said there was nothing worth seeing in the castle plus power chairs are not allowed in so I couldn't have gone in even if I'd wanted to! ) then on to a play park for the girls.  The girls wanted to travel in our car so car seats were swapped and just as we were getting ready to leave I heard a strange sound on the car roof.  It sounded as though a big bird wearing tackity boots was dancing a jig up there. Then I saw the big, BIG water drops on the windscreen and realised it was raining!  Rain was forecast but not till 4pm!  It wasn't even 1pm!  Undaunted we set off.

By the time we got there we'd come through a couple of heavy downpours but it was dry when we parked the cars. We paid our money and off we went.

David and I spent our second ever holiday together on Skye in 1987.  We visited Dunvegan Castle then.  David can't remember a single second of that holiday.  Must have had a great time! lol!  As we trundled down the driveway to the Castle and it loomed into view, I asked him if he remembered it now?  Nope!  "You'd think I would though, it's very plain! "  I have to admit it's not the prettiest castle I've ever seen either :-)

Undeterred we turned left down a steep, rather bumpy hill with me grateful I have my own teeth as if I hadn't I am sure my dentures would have been bounced out of my mouth!  I was also slightly concerned my wheels wouldn't be able to get back up that hill!

Anna and Faith were running on ahead and coming back and telling us what delights were in store, and there were many delights....waterfalls, beautiful and fragrant flowers and shrubs, interesting gnarly trees and little bridges over streams.  There was also rain.  Heavy rain.  Heavy.  Heavy.  Heavy rain!   Did I mention the rain was heavy?!  OMG!  It was absolutely bouncing off the ground at one point and although we had rain jackets on (apart from S who refused to wear a jacket "because it's summer!"  And she's supposed to be a responsible adult!) we got soaked!  

We stopped under trees a few times till the rain got a bit lighter and when I say lighter, I mean 999,999 drops per second rather than 1,000000!  And our tears of laughter just added to the deluge.  Honestly, the whole way round the gardens we were breathless with laughter.  The thought of the media hysteria over the weather these last few days and the whole country baking on the hottest day on record, friends messaging to say they were sitting indoors with the windows shut and curtains closed...and here we were dripping wet!  It was hysterical!  

Despite being in a summer dress and cardi, S instead we continue down the path to where the seal trips leave from, so we could see the Castle from the water's edge. "It's still ugly!" David declared as the water dripped off the end of his nose, and we all fell about laughing again!  Time to call it a day and head for the cafe.  

We'd almost come full circle but when we got to the top of the path there was about 6 steps at the end of it!  D and I turned back and found a short cut to the original path, which thankfully my wheels managed to get back up.

We dripped our way into the cafe, a bedraggled but very happy lot and enjoyed tea, coffee and some goodies.

Everyone was coming back to the holiday cottage for dinner so we stopped at the Co-op and bought provisions for a roast chicken dinner (S&L's choice as their oven packed up three weeks ago and their new one isn't arriving till next week and they really miss roast chicken :-)

After dinner the girls played at Spa's, where they basically gave David and I full (pretend) makeovers.  David had his hair done, his nails done and tattoo  on his right arm.  I got my hair done (for real) as well as my nails, makeup and tattoos on both forearms (a dog on my right and a unicorn on my left.)

We played many hilarious games of eye spy (they have their own version :-) It was Anna's turn to spy with her little eye and we were all stumped.  Faith asked for a clue and when Anna said it was someone in the room that Faith loves, Faith immediately shouted "Dabid!"  So cute :-)  

One of the funniest conversations we had with Faith today was in the car when she asked David, in all seriousness, "Dabid (spelling correct :) what would you like to be when you grow up?''  Anna immediately jumped in with  
'that's easy, a professional golfer!"  Oh heavens!  We were breathless laughing again!

All too soon it was time for them to head home.  Said our goodbyes to L as he's working tomorrow so we won't see him before we leave.  We have to vacate the cottage by 10am so our plan is to head to Portree and visit some of the lovely shops (well that's my plan ;-) then have lunch with S and the girls before we head home.  It's been a short but wonderful trip.  

When discussing our plans for tomorrow, S said "prepare yourself for tears."  She was talking about the girls but she could easily have been talking about us.  

Wee round up of our day in extras :-)

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