By dunkyc

Bridge magnet

I’ve been able to spend more time than usual with The Eldest today.

We took a walk into town at lunch because there was nothing at home to eat for lunch and because I wanted to see the new bridge that has recently been installed over Gooseholme. I think it is quite an impressive structure, I like the fact that there is nothing in town like it and always enjoy the fusion of modern architecture with old, established buildings. Kendal could do with some more of that. 

I’m sure there will be an ironic divide over the installation of the bridge and already ayearinthelife has refused my invitation to hold hands as we cross the gap together (preferably skipping).

Work was a little stressy in the afternoon, but it passed before The Eldest and I scoffed a pizza and headed off to see the new Thor film. It was OK and quite funny in places, but I think that my passionate love affair with Marvel might be waning. I’ve banged on for years that special effects should enhance a film, not BE the film and there’s only so many creatures, Gods, mega structures and moons you can see blow up before it all starts to become a little wearisome. The arc from Iron Man to Endgame will always be the one for me.

Nice to have some time with The Eldest though who has been rabbiting away about films either side of watching the film.

Honestly, I don’t know where she gets it from…

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