Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Out to lunch

In a way it feels as if this time in the city has been dedicated to eating. Today it was lunch, but not solely for the purpose of nutrition, as we were meeting blipper Lady Findhorn a year and two days after our first meeting. After yesterday’s bus adventure we surrendered to the temptation of a taxi and sauntered into Cafè Andaluz dead on time.

I can report that we ate well but not excessively; that I pinched most of the Pimentos del Padron; that the lamb chops were indeed tender and that I alone succumbed to the temptation that is a dish of churros. And we talked and talked so that the restaurant, which had been empty when we arrived, then busy, was once again empty when we left. And we’re not done yet …

Himself and I walked down to George Street before catching a bus home; we were depressed by the number of empty shop units and the prevalence of sales in the remaining shops. Away from the tourists, there is a rather desperate air about the city .

We had a last walk round Lighthouse Park before eating a supper of leftovers; my blip is of the fenced-off loch beside the flats that I think we’re destined to be the beginning of s larger development before… before…Anyway, there are wonderful bulrushes, two swans and some ducks and I think it’s great.

And I’m sorry I didn’t take any decent photos over lunch.

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