The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

All aboard the Cobbydale!

Another busy day. The coach took us from Preston across the Pennines to Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather had cleared up, the sun was shining, and the dales looked wonderful, as ever.

In Skipton we were early for our boat trip, so we grabbed a mug of hot chocolate in a courtyard cafe (I found a wonderful book of nature-cures, and have ordered one second hand for my own use). We boarded the narrowboat for a short cruise along the Leeds and Liverpool canal, with funny commentary by comedian Dave Spikey. GG sent me over some rose wine and crisps, 'to splice the mainbrace'. The Satanic mills looked on impassively. Serenity abounded.

Back in Skipton, we explored a bit on foot. GG wanted to try on clothes, again, this time in Phase Eight. At least she undressed in a cubicle today! I was forbearing and did not drag her into a bookshop. (Charity shops, bookshops, and 'smelly shops' like L'Occitane are what I like best). Afterwards, we dined on vegan crepes which were amazing. I had spinach and mushroom and salsa Verde. Unfortunately, GG received a text to say that a close friend had died. While this was expected, it was still a blow, and had a dampening effect.

Back on the bus, we headed towards the motorway and on down to the middle again, stopping many, many times, twice at services, and several times to drop passengers off. It was after eight when we got to Stroud. CleanSteve picked us up and took GG home. I dragged her suitcase up her drive. It was clanking with souvenir bottles of beer from the steam railway.

Tired but happy, I unpacked at home and stumbled bedwards. I would do it all again, but I'm finding the pace of coach trips a tad on the slow side. I'm twenty years too young for this sort of malarkey.

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