By AnneILM60

Mr Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Today there were heat advisories as the heat index was 112°F/44.5°C (as is the forecast the next several days). I went outside early and brought in some of the July decorations from the yard and then spent time cleaning MiniMe’s drinking fountain and just tidying the porch a little for her.

There was a nice breeze so I opted to sit in the shade for 30 minutes and see if I could capture any visitors today.

Not only did Mr Ruby Throated Hummingbird come by the feeder twice, he posed with his neck held up to the sunshine to show off its dazzling beauty.

I spent some time watching the latest season of Virgin River on Netflix but took time out to go over and let Troy out at 2 pm and then I was back there at 6 pm to feed him. Yup, MiniMe walked me home and got treats both times >^..^<

Happy Hump Day

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