A good try at the Rugby Club

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went down to the Rugby Club to look at a reported mess. I put the word around and several KOB folk said they would try to make it - we met up this afternoon to clear it up. Only four of us as it happens - three Englanders and a Japanese!

It didn't take too long - an hour and a half, maybe, and early on two wee lads on bikes came through and asked what we were doing. We demonstrated our litter pickers and for the next hour they roamed about picking up rubbish with us! Maybe it will have sowed a seed in their heads!

I was rather worried about the weather as the local forecast said it would rain between two and three, just when we would be out there. At 2.20 a few light spots fell - and that was all! So the forecast might have been technically correct, but only just!

We cleared away some timber with big nails sticking out, hauled a few large items out of the burn, collected a lot of broken glass, shifted a pile of pallets and pulled a load of nails out of the tree and came away leaving a fairly tidy site. Let's hope it stays that way!

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