...Community Fridge time again.  Is it me, or do the weeks seem to be going by very quickly?  Yesterday in Church, someone even mentioned Christmas and I have noticed that the nights are drawing in, so we had better enjoy this lovely weather before the dark nights are upon us.

Today was another good day at The Community Fridge - there was lots to do, but we all just get on with the jobs that need doing - but of course, the job of sorting out the lettuces and peppers that are definitely past their use-by date was left to me - and there were some mucky ones this morning.  

Grace, one of our young helpers, was laughing because she was sorting out teabags, which is a “clean” job but I said she shouldn’t worry, before long, Heather would find her a job to do that wasn’t quite as good!  In fact, I told her that I had been given an easy job when I first started volunteering, but once they realised I was good at doing mucky jobs, they now save them for me, which made her laugh even more.  It’s so good to have her there and she is a great help - her forté is arranging the tins, jars and packets so that they look good and woe betide anyone who messes up her wonderful displays!

My collage shows my first cup of coffee of the morning in my favourite mug - I always try and find this one because it’s almost like bone china and of course, everything tastes better when it’s in a lovely mug.  I promise I did not have a cake though - just a sandwich.  The middle shot is from the back of the mug, with the front showing the actual Church.  This mug is obviously quite old - I’m not sure how many were made for the Centenary, but there aren’t many in the box in the kitchen cupboard, so I am very careful with this one and before anyone asks, no I was NOT around in 1904!

I rather liked the crate full of lemons and it reminded me of the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” - which is so true - or of course, if you are good at cooking, you could always make a lemon drizzle cake.  Going round in the collage, the lovely Karen is writing out the freezer labels - a job I know she enjoys doing and next to her is a selection of potatoes and peppers - we had stacks of peppers this morning but Grace laughed when I put my fingers through quite a few that were well past their use-by date.  Despite all that, we are very grateful for any produce that is given to us by various supermarkets, even if we do have to sort out the stuff that is only suitable for the compost heap, but again, we have a lovely lady who fills her compost bins with those vegetables.

Meanwhile, in the back room, various ladies were working away doing admin work and also filling the Bags of Hope ready for them to be delivered to lots of people who are finding life a struggle at the moment.  It is a real privilege to be part of a Church that is helping in the community instead of just being a little clique that meets on a Sunday and only thinks of itself.

All those at the Community Fridge today took turns going into the café and chatting to the various people who came in this morning - I came home laughing because I had been sitting at a table with three of the men who come regularly and we were sharing stories about the comedy television shows we liked - some from many years ago - and I have to say there was much raucous laughter.  It is so good to be making these relationships with the people who come every week and although they may not come to church, we can at least show them what the love of Jesus looks like - by our chats, our smiles and by showing them our love.  

“The heart of a volunteer 
     is never measured in size, 
          but by the depth of the commitment 
               to make a difference in the lives of others.”
DeAnn Hollis

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