By KateH

The green and the gold

On my early morning walk I bumped into Judy who took me round Commonside garden as they were in Italy.  She makes an annual visit to prune the box hedges .  The garden is quite formal with mass plantings but the layout is beautiful with a mix of seclusion and aspect.  

This is the view back down the lane and I thought the arching oaks and field maple contrasted well with the golden hills, and Farmer Davy’s pumpkin patch. 

Went to the doctor for my hand who prescribed naproxen and dictation. So I went back to my office and dictated some emails feeling completely ridiculous. 

We had a domestic disaster - another of the previous owner’s making when  a service of the boiler brought forward by the question of why we can’t turn a towel rail off, burst a pipe under the bath, flooded the linen cupboard, tripped the electrics and left us ultimately with no water in the extension part of the house where we mainly live. 

Brother A arrived to go for a walk with V tomorrow and we had dinner in the garden before trying to work out how to wash up with only a small sink in the utility room.   Quickly recalled that housework 19th Century style takes a lot more time.  

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