Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

A First

Long day and it’s late.    Left at 11 To drive to Canada in time to shop before the 4:30 ferry.  
Had to record this is the first time in all these years (32) that we have been picked up (in our boat) and driven to the island!!!  ( that’s Oskar the Skipper, then Eric, to dock) .  To say nothing of having strong bodies  to schlep our stuff up,   Bliss.   Then dinner that Anne ( her first time here in  3 years!) made .  With Eric and those strong  boys and Anne’s bff Ginger ( who hasn’t been here for 24 years.).    Lots of talking!!   They’ve had a good week including a 16 hour power outage one night they had to deal with. ( great experience )  and will put up with us for 2 days now.   All good.    We brought our mini freezer but it seems the fridge is now working . Hummmm.   A mystery .   . Time for bed.
Changed the collage just a bit.   

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