By Brotographer

Oh hi Mark!

Continuing the series of things you wake up to at uni: a massive puzzle, interspersed with shot glasses, bottles and a friend passed out on the couch.

Revision was supposed to start properly today, but I had forgotten about my dynamics report which is due in Tuesday and needed some finishing touches. So that was done while at the public library with Stana. Nice place to work. Good place to view the random hailstorms going on outside as well! Interesting weather, to say the least.

After that, we celebrated Kasia's birthday, by having some food, drinks and none other than continuing the puzzle in my room. Here pictured are Stana, Kasia, Thom, Luisa and Lia. Although this isn't a photo of it, at one point we actually had all 8 housemates living at Chandos House in my room at the same time, for the first time ever! Should have gotten a photo of that...
We finished celebrating by watching the one and only The Room, the brilliant cult masterpiece by Tommy Wiseau. How many goddamn times have I seen that movie? Favorite scene is still the flower store one! Oh hai doggy!

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