The Gaol

We drove past the Maximum Security Gaol today and I thought I hadn’t blipped it before so I’ll add it to my Bathurst architecture series. It has an impressive gate house but I noticed the side had some newer buildings and high security. I have known a lot of people who have worked there, guards, nurses, doctors and other support workers. Not a good place to be. 

We went for a drive to see if our caravan mechanic was open as we heard he was closing down, sad face, he had left. We drove to the other yard and they are too busy to help us at the moment. Next stop was to pick us some dry cleaning $40 for two coats. Ouch. Then we treated our car to a car wash. Don’t you love going through the automatic ones? It came out white, it went in brown after our long holiday. Even the attendant remarked on how bad it was.

After lunch I did school pickup and Maddy and I walked up to the shops. While we were there I met Judy, an old friend from way back in the 90s. We exchanged mobile phone numbers (they weren’t invented when we were friends). I haven’t seen or heard of her for years and thought she must have left town.

Other jobs included making a chocolate violet crumble cheesecake for tomorrow night. The Bathurst families are coming as it is Bob’s birthday. 

Bob had a surprise phone call. He has won family tickets to the circus which is coming to town this week. We are going with the kids on Thursday night. We can take 2 of our 6 local grandchildren (which isn’t fair so we will take the others too).

Vale Judith Durham and Olivia Newton John. 2 iconic female artists who will be missed.

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