Garden Shed

Put together from a Flat Pack, by a man who does this sort of thing for a living (or part thereof). Having observed the problems experienced by S' younger brother when he put together a smaller shed than this one, I had no wish to have the same experiences. Additionally, although the height was such as to just fit in the space chosen at the far end of the carport, it being put on blocks (so to speak), meant that the very resourceful 'shed builder' cut out a small wedge to allow it to fit.

Some of my saved timber from renovations at the old villa have been put inside. Other stuff which had been at that end of the carport a week ago, will return when we sort out some shelving to go inside the shed.

This is a very much less expensive shed than the only other one we have had. The old villa did have an outside laundry, which I dismantled. It was not replaced because we used the more than adequate space underneath the house (created as a garage by a previous owner)..When we undertook major renovations of the beach house, we asked the builder to build me a shed. A great shed, and an intrinsic part of that house.

Over the next few weeks, I expect that much will move from the garage (acting as a store room currently) into the new shed. Shelving will be necessary. If we can find some to fit.

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